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To ensure that the needs, desires and values of the citizens of Philomath are reflected in the planning, implementation and sustainable growth of our city

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Key Topics

These are the key topics we are currently working on

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Unsustainable population growth

Recent annexations, SB1573 and its impact.

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Quality of Life & Safety

Small town standards

Quality of life and safety concerns are important to our community.

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Transportation woes

Concerns about traffic in Philomath.

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Why we care about this issue

Partnership with Corvallis, current resources and facilities, threats to our water supply and capacity.

Recent News

  • June 6, 2018 - Philomath citizens have no say | The population of Philomath is likely to increase by 25 percent in the near term. Where is the infrastructure - water, police, fire, schools - to support such rapid and uncoordinated growth?
  • May 21, 2018 - Very disappointed with city’s decision | Philomath City Council has allowed Miller Timber to develop the Hobin Mill site for up to 166 new homes north of Chapel Drive between 15th & 19th streets. Developers do not pay fees for fire, police, libraries or schools. These fees will be covered by Philomath taxpayers.
    Requests by several people attending the meeting asked that the record be kept open for 14 more days due to the site being potentially hazardous due to toxic chemical contamination, but the City Council did not pass the motion. Concerned citizens are worried about the environmental health implications from this site which could exacerbate health issues in vulnerable populations as well as an increased risk for air, water and soil contamination.
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