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Perspectives on our town

To ensure that the needs, desires and values of the citizens of Philomath are reflected in the planning, implementation and sustainable growth of our city

City Meeting on RV Park / Water

Detailed plans for RV Park

These plans include master site plan, partition plans, traffic analysis, environmental investigation, and much more.

Read the proposed Annexation changes and new recommendations

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Oregon State LUBA

January 19, 2019 LUBA appeal No. 2019-008

Submitted by Jeff Lamb and Catherine Biscoe

This LUBA appeal was filed against the City of Philomath.
Read the narrative about the LUBA appeal, the actual appeal, and the Summary of 11 errors addressed in the appeal.
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Property Taxes Going Up
Assessed and real market property values increased significantly in Benton County over the last year.
Philomath saw an assessed property value increase of 5.5 percent, from about $336.2 million in 2017 to $354.5 million in 2018.
The assessed value represents the figure upon which taxes are based.

How Philomath's Floodgates Opened

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Wake Up Philomath

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Recent News

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Key Topics

These are the key topics we are currently working on

Image of Benton County Historical Museum


Unsustainable population growth

Recent annexations, SB1573 and its impact.

Image of welcome to Philomath sign

Quality of Life & Safety

Small town standards

Quality of life and safety concerns are important to our community.

Image of traffic in Philomath


Transportation woes

Concerns about traffic in Philomath.

Image of Mary's River


Why we care about this issue

Partnership with Corvallis, current resources and facilities, threats to our water supply and capacity.

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