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Formerly Open Fields in Albany

Formerly an open field in Albany

Can Albany or Philomath Afford to Grow?
What happens if they don't?

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Is Oregon's Home Rule Dead?

Since 1906, the Oregon Constitution has guaranteed Municipal Home Rule and Self-governance, granting voters the power to enact and amend their own Municipal (City) Charters. Public involvement is a required part of land use planning as mandated in Goal #1 of Oregon’s Statewide Land Use Laws. The mandate requires “the opportunity for citizens to be involved in all phases of the planning process.”

That guarantee is being systematically demolished by recent bogus emergency Legislative action. Goal #1 is under attack by development interest and lobbying groups. The outcome has effectively removed the public from the public's business under the guise of affordable housing.

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As We See It: Transparency key as Philomath grows

JEFF LAMB and RICHARD REID   July 8, 2019

Transparency and accountability continue to be topics of concern in Philomath.

During the June 24 City Council meeting, Councilor Marion Dark made a motion attempting to establish audio recordings for all city meetings, adding Public Works and the Finance/Administration Committee, where many real city finance decisions are made. She urged the keeping of the recordings on the city’s website for a minimum of three to six months for public access.

After 30 minutes of discussion and objection, City Manager, Chris Workman had convinced three councilors to vote the motion down. Vote: 3-2 (Opposed: David Low, Doug Edmonds, Matthew Thomas. In Favor: Dark, Chas Jones).

Why does transparency matter?

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Citizen Declares Misguided Loyalties

Ann Buell
Gasps escaped the crowd at Philomath's June 10 city meeting when Councilor Terry Weiss told us that City Manager Chris Workman had loudly called a woman on the budget committee names in front of her teenage daughter. She also said that Workman criticized Weiss herself in an email he had cc'd to everyone on the council, including the city attorney.

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Oregon State LUBA

January 19, 2019 LUBA appeal No. 2019-008

Submitted by Jeff Lamb and Catherine Biscoe

This LUBA appeal was filed against the City of Philomath.
Read the narrative about the LUBA appeal, the actual appeal, and the Summary of 11 errors addressed in the appeal.
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    As of June 6, 2019 the Court of Appeals is reviewing the applicants "motion to not dismiss" on an expedited basis.

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Unsustainable population growth

Recent annexations, SB1573 and its impact.

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Quality of Life & Safety

Small town standards

Quality of life and safety concerns are important to our community.

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Transportation woes

Concerns about traffic in Philomath.

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Why we care about this issue

Partnership with Corvallis, current resources and facilities, threats to our water supply and capacity.

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